Daily Mail: EU´s Naval Ships a Magnet. Do Nothing but Ferrying Muslim Migrants across the Mediterranean

boat-refugees2The Daily Mail 12 May 2016 A Navy mission aimed at stopping the flow of migrants to Europe is not just failing – it is actually helping people smugglers, a damning report will say today.
Instead, it had become a ‘search and rescue mission’ and a ‘magnet to migrants’, easing the task of the gangs.
Just some 50 smugglers have been arrested since the mission codenamed Operation Sophia began last June, despite six EU ships patrolling the waters at any one time, including one British vessel.

rubber-boat-refugeesThe arrests were of low-level targets, and not the key figures.
Figures showed 80 smuggling vessels were destroyed – but this resulted in the smugglers simply changing tactics, it was said in the European Union Committee report. They instead shifted from wooden boats, to bulk buying dinghies from China, which can easily deflate and are much less safe.
The inquiry heard that some 9,000 people had been rescued by the EU vessels since the mission was launched in June 2015.

By operating beyond European coastal waters, the mission was assisting the job of smugglers, who now only need their boats to reach the high seas, rather than EU waters, it was noted in the report.

Of the 9,000 figure it is understood Royal Navy ships rescued 7,767 of the people

Migrants setting off in the boats are calling for help once they leave Libyan waters and EU ships have to rescue them under their international obligations.

The report said: ‘The mission does not… in any meaningful way deter the flow of migrants, disrupt the smugglers’ networks, or impede the business of people smuggling on the central Mediterranean route.

It said the weakness of the Libyan state had been a key factor underlying the ‘exceptional rate of irregular (new word for illegal – a word banned by EU-Commissioner Cecilia Malmström ) migration on the central Mediterranean route in recent years’.

And who deliberately caused that Libyan instability through illegal aggression in 2011? NATO illegally killed Gaddafi and caused this chaos.

Who destabilizes the Middle east? NATO. Who creates the refugee flow: NATO in collaboration with Rothschild agent George Soros

This confirms what I have so often written: The EU does all it can to get Muslim refugees to Europe – until European nation states must react to pressure from their peoples. But even then, the EU just pretends to reduce the immigration. When the EU has to stop some Middle Eastern/African refugees, it intends to give 77 mio. Turkish free access to the EU.

Seuromediterranean processince 1995 the Euro-Mediterranean Process exists as a model of the NWO: 1. a political and security partnership 2. an economic and financial partnership and 3. A cultural, social and humanitarian partnership with “shared prosperity”. In 2008, this cooperation was extended to the Mediterranean Union. The EU has made enormous futile  investments in these Muslim “partner countries” – and it would be on hand to return the Muslim immigrants to these countries. But the the wind is not blowing that way!
The EU is simply taking  the birth surplus of the “partner countries” – as agreed between the Council of Europe and these countries in the 1970s (Bat Ye’or “Eurabia” of 2005).

This is all NWO deception.


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