Turkey Returns Syrian Refugees to Syria and Shoots Syrians on the Border. Incredible Hypocrisy of the West

The Guardian 1 April 2016:  It was beyond sad to read in the Times this week that Turkish border guards have allegedly shot dead 16 Syrians trying to reach safety in Turkey, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a frequently cited watchdog (which is a mendacious organ affiliated to the British Foreign Ministry).

Refugees and rights groups have reported shootings of migrants on the Turkish-Syrian border since at least 2013. These abuses are well-documented, and the reports widely circulated.

bab-al-salama,turkeyBab-al-Salama Refugee camp in Turkey near Syrian border. To me it looks as orderly as Danish makeshift  camps for migrants.

Turkey is in the process of being designated by the EU as a “safe third country” for refugees – a sobriquet that gives Greece the right to send back almost all of those who land on its shores from Turkey.
An alarming new report by Amnesty International, released today, alleges that in recent weeks large groups of Syrians have been deported back to Syria from southern Turkey, as officials there attempt to reduce their refugee burden (about 100 a day since Mid-January acc. to the report).

Refugee advocates  say that Turkey is an unsuitable place for refugees. Refugee rights extend far beyond the simple right to life: they include the right to education, to healthcare and to work.
 The point of giving people refugee status is to guarantee them all the opportunities that are extended to natural-born citizens of the country in which they now live. For all its generosity in welcoming more refugees than any other country, Turkey does not offer such a guarantee

No country can bear that burden in the long run. No country can take myriads of ungrateful, hostile, uneducated, violent migrants that despise their hospitable hosts and just want to  take their lands and houses (e.g. Koran sura 33:27).

Nevertheless the host countries are creating endless flows of refugees and terrorists by bombing Syria, Iraq etc. in a war where everybody fights everybody and the meaning of which no one can see any more.

The populations of the countries of origin of the war criminals waging the illegal Syrian war  have had enough of Muslims. So, “their” politicians have skipped all their fine words on wildly exaggerated human rights for foreigners (directed against native Europeans), sending some migrants back to “safe” Turkey (which was unsafe a couple of months ago)  – scolding Turkey for not being able to cope with the mass flows of refugees created by European NATO countries.

The Danish liberal governmental party is hell-bent on sending special ground forces and F-16 bomber jets to Syria as demanded by the USA, but nevertheless scolds Turkey for not giving the refugees what they want, even pushing them back to the Hell created by i.a. Denmark – where they could be killed by Danish bomber jets!

Unwillingly, these Masons/Mason henchmen are forced to tell their population that they have stopped the Muslim flow into Denmark. But then they tell they expect 25.000 migrants this year, i.e. at the very least  75.000 after family reunion, although this will have to wait 3 for years.


I wrote a mail to the Danish Foreign minister, explaining that he will be guilty of mass murder and creating more refugees fighting an ISIS which his NATO allies have created, fund, train, and equip. No answer.

Diabolic Hypocrisy.

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  1. Silvio Atir says:


    Wikileaks ha da poco pubblicato la trascrizione di una teleconferenza tra Poul Thomsen e Delia Velkouleskou (che sono, rispettivamente, il capo del Dipartimento europeo del FMI, e la responsabile della missione FMI per la Grecia) in cui è stato detto – a chiare lettere – che verrà dato il via – in prossimità del referendum britannico del 23 giugno circa la permanenza (o meno) dell’UK bell’UE – al default della Grecia onde provocare un’ondata il panico finanziario negli Stati membri dell’Ue così da indurli ad accettare un unico governo economico europeo centralizzato , sorretto da misure eccezionali in materia di ordine pubblico .

    Ich habe Silvio Atir´s Einlage so übersetzt:


    WikiLeaks hat vor kurzem die Abschrift einer Telefonkonferenz zwischen Poul Thomsen und Delia Velkouleskou veröffentlicht (jeweils der Leiter der Europa-Abteilung des IWF und die Leiterin der IWF-Mission in Griechenland), wo es gesagt worden ist – sehr deutlich – dass wegen des britischen Referendums am 23. Juni über den Verbleib (oder nicht) des Vereinigten Königreichs in der EU, bei der Pleite Griechenlands eine Welle der Finanzpanik in EU-Mitgliedstaaten schwappen werde, um zu bewirken, sie zu veranlassen , eine einzige zentrale europäische Wirtschaftsregierung zu akzeptieren, die von außergewöhnlichen Maßnahmen unterstützt wird, um die öffentliche Ordnung aufrecht zu erhalten


  2. Anders says:

    Hallo, Silvio Atir.

    Ich habe deine Links gelesen und finde darin keine Anhaltspunkte für deine Auslegung.

    Hello, Silvio Atir
    I have read your links and find no foundation for your interpretation.

  3. Silvio Atir says:

    if you want to understand my interpretation, read what he has told Bloomberg Aristides Hatzis (a professor of law and economics at the University of Athens) .


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