EU Promoting Mass Immigration to Demand “More Europe”, Blasting National Attempts to Limit Disaster – and is out

Immigration protest party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)  will obtain 19% of the votes in the German federal state of Saxony in the upcoming regional election, acc. to poll.   (DWN 4 March 2016). Also in Baden-Württemberg (13%)  and Rheinland-Pfalz (9%), the AfD   will bes strong at the cost of the 2 big governmental parties (DWN 3 March 2016). In Baden-Württemberg, Angela Merkel´s party (CDU) does not want to see her in their election campaign (DWN 4 March 2016).

Danish Prime Minister Loekke Rasmussen
: The asylum flow through Europe is finished. Each country must contr0l its own borders

“The current migration and security challenges know no borders, and require a truly European approach. Where Frontex used to be limited to supporting Member States in managing their external borders, the new Border Agency will go beyond this. What we are creating today is more Europe: to manage our external borders, to step up returns of irregular migrants, to allow our asylum system to function properly.
(European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos).


On 26 June 2015, I wrote about how the EU tried to make us believe it did something to stop the Muslim mass immigration – by pulling wool over our eyes. Thereupon, in Sept., the real mass immigration started.
boumedienneOn 15 Dec. 2015 the EU was out again (see below), telling us that its new European Border and Coastal Guard would reinforce EU´s external borders. Result: nothing has been implemented – and the “reinforcement” was just a doubling of the Frontex to 1500 experts” – to effectively close the EU´s coastal and terrestrial borders!!!
There is only one name for this: DECEPTION.

Veterans Today 2 March: Deception of gullible EU citizens.  Opinion polls in the Netherlands show that between 50% and 75% of pollees are against a hasty border opening for one more depressed Eastern economy (Ukraine). The current migration situation in the EU is disastrous.

EU-COLLAPSEIn the pursuit of upholding the interests of the international banking cartel and the geopolitical machinations of a few in the US elite, the Euro bureaucracy leads the EU to an inevitable (and planned) collapse.

Calls for reasonable policies and the step-by-step development of the EU espoused by a number of European political forces cause only a hysterical reaction by Brussels and fierce criticism from their European mainstream media.
Critics are marginalized as a minority, meanwhile, real social and economic situations are suppressed.

Meanwhile Brussels aggressively promotes an Association Agreement with the Ukraine, where more than 42 million live with an average monthly wage of $ 120, and monthly pension of $ 40. Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary have already faced the problem of an acute influx of Ukrainian migrants.

When a visa-free regime is adopted, a large mass of working age Ukrainian people will rush to Western Europe to find any opportunity of a better living. If we look at the Moldovan precedent, where the standard of living is higher than in the Ukraine, it is possible to predict the flow of Ukrainian immigration at the level of 5-8 million people in the first 3 years after the visa free regime is established.
It´s a kind of social global engineering program.

The New American 2 March 2016“Islamic” terror — much of it fomented behind the scenes by globalists and communists — is being used as a pretext to radically expand government powers at the expense of individual rights. 

EU-collapse2EU officials and apparatchiks have taken to shrieking whenever a government actually takes serious actions to “restore the credibility” of border management. The howls have been especially pronounced when border checks were reintroduced along some intra-EU borders, eurocrats fuming  when Hungarian authorities tried to stop the tsunami with a fence, complaining about “criminal sanctions imposed on illegal immigrants” and demanded that refugees stop being denied entry. 

The following competences of the Border and Coastal Guard have been blocked by sensible nation states governments – so the EU is at a loss.

Nevertheless, you should see the intention of the EU, See EU Press Release of 15 Dec. 2015:  Top officials with the EU are exploiting the refugee crisis they helped create to usurp more power from the nations and peoples ensnared in the controversial super-state.

european-border-and-coast-guardIn a press release, the EU stated: “Where deficiencies persist or where a Member State is under significant migratory pressure putting in peril the Schengen area [borderless European area] and national action is not forthcoming or not enough, the Commission will be able to determine that the situation at a particular section of the external borders requires urgent action at [the] European level. This will allow the Agency to step in and deploy European Border and Coast Guard Teams” (even against the will of no longer sovereign states).

The EU force will also be able to purchase equipment, intervene in nations outside of the EU, commandeer the resources of member governments, and much more. The new armed force will also be engaged in surveillance, including through the use of remote-controlled spy drones. Finally, the force will have an alleged crime and terror mission, too.

The plan also calls for new biometric data schemes to check all people coming in or going out of the super-state’s territory, having their information checked against databases from outfits such as Interpol, the controversial self-styled global police agency once dominated by the National Socialists (Nazis). At the national level, some officials were appalled.

EU-collapse3For the United Nations, even all of that has not been enough. The “High Commissioner” himself, Antonio Guterres, the former head of the pro-global tyranny Socialist International, said that in an “ideal world,” the EU would handle all asylum policy and “refugees could move freely within the EU. He  blasted some national European governments for taking action to stem the tsunami of refugees fleeing globalist wars (and others taking advantage of the situation to seek out a better life).

Of course this is a consequence of the Schengen. So this free mobility has to be controlled effectively  at nations´borders again – because the EU has abused this arrangement for NWO purposes and permanently shows its incompetence.eurogendfor

However, as for the combatting of internal riots, The EUROGENDFOR (2300 man) and the Rapid Deployment Force (13.000 Man) will be used – while the Border and Coastal Guard will have a subordinate  role to play.  And on the external borders it is a snowball in Hell.


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