Doctor Group: Monsanto Pesticide – not Zika Virus – Most Probable Cause of Brazilian Microcephaly.

Activist Post 14 Febr. 2016:  Argentinian Doctors have found that the pesticide pyriproxyfen is probably the the cause of microcephaly in the North Eastern Brazilian province of Pernambuco where by far most microcephaly cases have bee registered. This pesticide has even been added to the drinking water.

As I have previously reported, the WHO has declared global Zika virus emergency on a false basis: An increase of microcephaly cases in babys from 150 to 4.000 from 2014 to 2015. A second look by Brazilian scientists showed 0nly 4% of microcephaly cases had Zika antibodies (which in an infested population says nothing about Zika being the cause). Thus, 96% had another cause

rockefeller-purchasableWhat we are witnessing is another Rockefeller-WHO operation under false flag in order to scare us under their NWO one-world government – and at the same time raise the profits of its corporative WHO advisers – as in the case of swine Flu (now flourishing again without any alarmism!!) , ebola   and  Bill Gates´ criminal vaccination programs against  HPV-virus, encephalitis, small-pox,  polio and other diseases not occurring for decades.

The following has been rejected without proof by the WHO who says there is no proof for the doctor´s thesis – while the WHO admits to have absolutely no proof for its Zika thesis!!
“Although a causal link between Zika infection in pregnancy and microcephaly has not, and I must emphasize, has not been established, the circumstantial evidence is suggestive and extremely worrisome,” WHO General Director Margaret Chan announced last month. Scientists are currently racing to develop a vaccine.

The Zika Virus scam is now being used to milk taxpayers wallets to create enforced vaccinations

1. A report by the Argentinian Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PDST)
They fail to recognise the Zika-virus theory in the area where microcephalic children live, a chemical larvicide producing malformations in mosquitoes has been applied for 18 months, and that this poison (pyroproxyfen) is applied by the State on drinking water used by the affected population.
2. Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns,
despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases
3. The pyroproxyfen being used (as recommended by WHO) is manufactured by Sumimoto Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.
4. Brazilian doctors (Abrasco) are claiming
that chemical control is contaminating the environment as well as people, that it is not decreasing the amount of mosquitoes, and that this strategy is in fact
a commercial manoeuvre from the chemical poisons industry, deeply
integrated into Latin American ministries of health as well as WHO and PAHO.

Pyriproxyfen is applied directly by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on drinking-water reservoirs used by the people of Pernambuco, where the proliferation of the Aedes mosquito is very high (a situation similar to the Pacific Islands). This poison, recommended by the WHO, is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process larva-pupa-adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and causing their death or incapacity. It maintains an “immature” aspect (nymph or larvae), which means that it acts by endocrine disruption and that is teratogenic.

Microcephaly-comparison-500pxMalformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas
where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence,
even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage, while trying to ignore its responsibility and ruling out the hypothesis of direct and cumulative chemical damage caused by years of endocrine and immunological
disruption of the affected population.
Doctors from the Brazilian Association for 
Collective Health (ABRASCO) demand that urgent epidemiological studies taking into account this causal link be carried out.

The evolution from zygote to embryo, from embryo to foetus and from
foetus to newborn, is not far from the development process of the mosquito affected by pyriproxyfen. They also very easily try to ignore that in humans, 60% of our active genes are identical to those of insects such as the Aedes mosquito.

And it is much more confusing when the politicians are “advised” by experts from Foundations and chemical insecticides companies (for ex.: Fundación Mundo Sano and Chemotecnica), or when decision makers from the Ministry of Health are former employees of global companies manufacturing and selling poisons for “domestic purposes.”

Besides the pesticide Malation is widely used.

For doctors in ABRASCO, the problem is that behind these decisions we find the secretive  World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization. It is these agencies who convince and endorse the tendering processes for national governments (Corruption).

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