NWO´s New Man: DNA-Engineered Corporation Sponsored Designer Babies for Luciferian “Eternal Life”

Abstract: Now genetic engineering (CRISPR) can edit certain parts of a gene and thus change the hereditary characteristics of living beings – including humans – in the earliest embryonic stage.

CRISPR has two components. The first is basically a cellular scalpel, which cuts DNA. The other one consists of RNA, the molecule that is most frequently used to transfer biological information throughout the whole genome. It serves as a guide and leads the scalpel past thousands of genes, and the RNA finds the exact desired sequence of nucleotides, attaches to it and cuts it out.

With this method they can prevent certain hereditary diseases – but it is feared that future babies will be designer babies where parents decide which characteristics the child should have: Blue or green eyes, shape of the nose, psychological characteristics, etc. – which the child might later be dissatisfied with and blame the parents for their bad taste. That will happen in a few years.

Only rich people or people who can find sponsors will be able to afford to get those designer children. There are strong transhuman forces who fight for 1) only eugenically licensed people having children 2) transforming humans to posthuman super-intelligent cyborgs by genetics and biotechnology. These forces fancy themselves to live eternally – in their world Communist Agenda 21.
In the Soviet Union and the 3rd Reich, the desire for robot people was frighteningly successful – although these robot slaves had, of course, no eternal life on Earth. The same forces want to redo the trick in the modern way in the future.

The human Soul? It will be non-existing in the Agenda 21.


In Luciferian,Gnostic/ Masonic doctrine –  Lucifer is the good god and Yahwe/Demiurg a flawed evil Archont born by Sophia, the female side of the superior god, who emanated the substance of which Demiurg created the world. Unfortunately, the oldest and remotest and thus worst substance was used to create man – so he must improve himself by rituals/gnosis/enlightenment/Illumination in order  to become a god himself – and if man has not saved his soul thereby, he will be reborn until he accepts the light of the Luciferian doctrine.
But of course, the bad physical material of man will have to be mended, too, so that man can obtain eternal life.
Therefore, the following is a revelation to Masons/Gnostics.

WCRISPRiredCRISPR  is an acronym for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats,” a description of the genetic basis of the method.
Cas9 is the name of a protein that makes it work. Technical details aside, Crispr-Cas9 makes it easy, cheap, and fast to move genes around 

any genes, in any living thing, from bacteria to people.

Using the three-year-old technique, researchers have already reversed mutations that cause blindness, stopped cancer cells from multiplying, and made cells impervious to the virus that causes AIDS. Agronomists have rendered wheat invulnerable to killer fungi like powdery mildew, hinting at engineered staple crops that can feed a population of 9 billion. Bioengineers have used Crispr to alter the DNA of yeast so that it consumes plant matter and excretes ethanol, promising an end to reliance on petrochemicals.

It could at last allow genetics researchers to conjure everything anyone has ever worried they would—designer babies, invasive mutants, species-specific bioweapons, and a dozen other apocalyptic sci-fi tropes.

CRISPR figureThe New Yorker 16 N0v. 2015 explains that CRISPR has two components. The first is essentially a cellular scalpel that cuts DNA. The other consists of RNA, the molecule most often used to transmit biological information throughout the genome. It serves as a guide, leading the scalpel on a search past thousands of genes until it finds and fixes itself to the precise string of nucleotides it needs to cut. Diagram right.

Mother Jones 8 Febr. 2016 writes: On February 1, scientists from the United Kingdom’s Francis Crick Institute got the okay to start research on human embryos                using  CRISPR. Their work will use embryos to try to understand the very early stages of human development and pinpoint the genes causing miscarriages and fetal defects.

“This is the first step in a well mapped-out process heading to genetically modified babies, and a future of consumer eugenics,” said Dr. David King, director of Human Genetics Alert, in response to the news.

sexSex – forget it as for child production. In the NWO only people with a breeding licence might probably be allowed to have children – also to reduce “CO2 man-made Global warming”:What to do with children begotten without one? China´s 1-child policy showed the tearful way!

Since 2012, CRISPR has been used to cut out the gene mutations leading to HIV and sickle cell anemia. Last spring, researchers in China became the first to genetically modify embryos with CRISPR after they used the technology to replace a gene in a single-cell embryo. Now US industry is developing a CRISPR method to destroy Aedes Aegypti and so malaria and Zika virus.

Using the technique, for example, scientists could potentially edit out the gene for Huntington’s disease in a woman before she’s born. Not only would she be disease free; she wouldn’t be able to pass it on to any future children.

Even though the Crick Institute’s research is limited to 14 days and the cells they edit won’t be implanted, critics still say this type of research might soon lead to something less benign—that one day we’ll be creating “designer babies,whose genetic makeup will be determined in a lab. Many scientists, bioethicists, and politicians are calling for a moratorium on human embryo editing.
One of those skeptics is Marcy Darnovsky, executive director of the Berkeley-based Center for Genetics and Society, whose research focuses on biotechnology and reproduction.

Here are seven takeaways from our conversation:

1. Gene editing with CRISPR is still not very safe.
2. Genome modification isn’t the only available method of stopping the transmission of inherited diseases.
3. Once the door to editing our genome gets opened, there’s no going back.
4. So-called “designer babies” would be available only to the rich.
5. Harvesting eggs from women carries its own risks.
6. Skepticism of embryonic modification is different from anti-abortion groups’ belief that personhood begins at fertilization
7. But even the skeptics are excited by the science.

Wired  writes on “designer babies”: You would be literally designing and producing a new type of baby via the same sort of technology that is used to make a GM tomato, mouse, or monkey.
The baby would be a GMO human.

The technology will eventually become widely available. It might take two, five, or ten years, but it is coming. Should you as a parent do it? Many of us will answer, “yes.

designer-baby3In the same way that today you might order a customized pizza with green olives, hold the onions, Italian ham, goat cheese, and a particular sauce, when you design and order your future GMO sapiens baby you could ask for very specific “toppings.” In this case, toppings would mean your choice of unique traits, selected from a menu: green eyes, hold the diseases. 

Another similar effort is underway from a company called GenePeeks, co-founded by Professor Lee Silver of Princeton University, a proponent of human genetic modification. GenePeeks has developed a technology called Matchright. This service, available at some fertility clinics, enables customers to screen sperm from possible donors for how the genomes of those sperm when combined with the customer’s might lead to certain outcomes in possible future children.
After the design phase, the GM baby-to-be would go through a series of production steps, one or more of which might be completed outside of the womb, in a laboratory. In Vitro Foetuses  would play an important role.

Since there are now currently scientists trying to produce artificial or laboratory- produced human wombs the “production” of GMO sapiens babies could occur entirely outside of the human body.
Becoming a parent could turn into almost an intellectual exercise.

designer-baby2In place of plastic and glue or puzzle pieces, scientists would team up with you as the parent to make this new GM child, using your cells and genetic fabric as the starting material.
The only other things needed from you would be the money to pay for the process and your input into the design of the baby.

This perspective opens up for treating hereditary diseases – a medical progress.
But it also makes the production of babies something like building with Lego – you choose this or that brick and features – acc. to your own taste – without guarantee that your child will be pleased with that.  It may even hate you for your bad choice.

Apart from that, his procedure will be very expensive. However, if you are an important person some corporation will pay for your gene engineered baby – and thus buy you and your child forever, dependent on your treaty. And maybe the corporation would want to put one or two extra gene engineerings into the baby – without you knowing it?

Put together with other manipulations your child may thus be primed for trans/posthumanist eternal life as cyborg robots with superintelligence,  neo-humanity, it becomes a soulless avatar, a  remote controlled tool in the hands of the elite for whatever purpose as Ray Kurzweil presumes will be possible by 2045.

See Project Moscow 2045 – started by media mogul Itskov: The Devil speaks and rejoices.
Ray Kurzweil is Jewish – and Dmitry Itskov, the author of “Moscow 2045” has a Jewish surname from the Minsk region








Adam Kadmon is a fiction from the kabbala – symbolizing the first of god´s spiritual worlds – not Eve´s Adam. I see similarities betweeen tha posthuman avatar and Adam Kadmon of the Luciferian Kabbala.  And the Avatar is also created in the mind of Jews.


The world belongs to Lucifer (John. 14:30), the Prince of the World, who, however, is not the God who  governs the whole Universe. And he is not the good God – on the contrary.

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