Zika Hoax. WHO´s Global Emergency: Brazil only Has 404 (not 4.000) Confirmed Microcephaly Cases – only 4% have Zika-Antibody (Not = Disease)

The following shows how with its global Zika emergency, Rockefeller´s  WHO is launching a giant lie once again – as with the swine flu, when it redefined pandemic in 2009 so that its advising corporations could claim pre-existing pandemic vaccine contracts to be respected by the world´s governments.
A tremendous scare campaign over the mildest flu seen in man´s memory then pumped big money out of poor bankster-looted states during their instigated worldwide finance crisis  – and sent many youths into narcolepsy.

The global emergency state now declared by Rockefeller´s WHO will transfer a lot of taxpayer money to Big Pharma for the development of Zika vaccine -“a vaccine for every virus”.
On 4 Febr. 2016I wrote that this Zika microcephaly was a bluff. The following shows that this “epidemic”  is a hoax.

UOL notícias 2 febr. 2016
Brazil has 404 confirmed cases of microcefaly COMENTE
Estadão Conteúdo02 / 02 / 201621h17

São Paulo – The Ministry of Health and the United microcephaly are investigating 3,670 suspected cases across the country, according to report released on Tuesday, 2. The government also reports that 404 cases have had microcephaly confirmation or other disorders of the central nervous system – 17 of them in connection with the zika virus. In total, 4,783 suspected cases of microcephaly were registered by 30 January.
According to the report,  76 deaths from microcephaly or alteration of the central nervous system after birth or during pregnancy were reported. Of these, 15 were confirmed to have microcephaly, and in five cases there was a virus zika identification in fetal tissue.

The Ministry of Health investigates all cases of microcephaly and other disorders of the central nervous system and the possible relationship with zika viruses and other infections.

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