When the People Speak, the EU Masons Get Scared

brexit-poll3An EU-Exit poll in the UK has panicked the EU. The Brexit side now leads by 9%!
And that is due to mass immigration of Muslims and east Europeans.

So the EU must act now – and until the Brexit poll is over – whereupon it will return to NWO normalcy

Russia Today 4 Febr. 2016:   A petition has been launched calling on EU leaders to scrap plans that would criminalize those who rescue migrants and refugees arriving on the Greek islands as part of a push to secure the border between Turkey and Greece.

The proposed plans would remove the exemption for charities, volunteer groups and others who provide “humanitarian assistance” to refugees from being considered “smugglers.

Under the new rules, which are aimed at reducing human smuggling and trafficking, these groups and individuals would be criminalized.

The EU would instead create a state-run agency that would force would-be volunteers to register with the police and work under tightly controlled EU relief plans.

The EU Plan here
Besides, The EU will engage with the private sector, in particular the transport sector, and other stakeholders.

DWN 6. Febr 2016:  Austria is recruiting with EU partners for closing the Balkan route. Soldiers from EU states should ensure secure borders. Refugees intercepted at the EU’s external border should also be returned to Turkey.

Too god and inefficient to be true!

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  1. Pablo says:

    Hola aloha dear Anders,

    Read what the Zionist banksters of Goldman Sachs have to say about the Brexit, because they also get scared.

    EU referendum: Brexit will crash pound, warns Goldman Sachs

  2. Pablo says:

    ZDF Journalist Wolfgang Herles sinngemäß: Wir berichten so, wie es Frau Merkel vorgibt

  3. Pablo says:

    Top Journalist Admits On Air That News Agenda Is Set By Government

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