Rockefeller´s WHO Declares Global Zika Virus (Rockefeller Patent) State of Emergency: Probably Bluff

First. Who owns the Zika virus – for it is patented ?
Look here:


Emicrocephaly2very time the WHO launches a global emergency status or a pandemic one asks: What interests do the Big Pharma vaccine producers have in it. And is it true? We saw that in the swine flu scam, where the WHO suddenly changed its definition of pandemic for the greater profit of its corporate advisers – even allowing the notorious highly poisonous squalene – even 1 Mio. times higher concentration than in the anthrax vaccine that caused the Gulf War syndrome – in its vaccines making European  youths narcoleptic. That GlaxoKlineSmith paid damages to its victims helps them little.  The Ebola scam  was  pure murder, vaccinated people dying at the hands of organ harvesters – who even poisoned wells with formalin.

What is  Rockefeller´s WHO up to now?

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is spreading malaria, dengue fever, and its relative Aedes albopictus is now  suspected of spreading Zika virus , causing a mild form of flu lasting 1-6 days. This moskito was first detected in Brazil in 1986. The Zika virus was first detected in Northern Brazil in early 2015.   Now, the WHO has proclaimed world wide state of emergency – without knowing if it´s justified: Some Babys in Brazil´s heavily pesticide and Monsanto-GMO/Round-up (causing miscarriages and birth defects in Argentina) poisoned slums are said to have small heads – up in 2015 from 150 to 4.000 a year, it is said (questioned below). Of course, there is no proof  except for blood samples without any value: In a population with Zika, everybody will have antibodies against Zika virus.

Tgateshe British newspaper The Mirror writes that there is a suspicion that the disease is caused by GMO-mosqitos released in 2010 (Bill Gates´and WHO´s flying vaccination against Dengue fever). The Guardian 15 July 2012 wrote that  Oxitec, a British biotech company based near Didcot, had already infiltrated wild populations in Brazil, Malaysia and the Cayman Islands with gene manipulated mosqitos
Oxitec has been  purchased by Intrexon Corp. with relations to the Israeli  ministry of defence. The Daily Mail reported on 6.000 GMO mosqitos being released in Malaysia in 2011

Though Zica was first discovered in 1947, cases only sporadically occurred throughout Africa and southern Asia.
tiger_mosquitoOnly the male modified Aedes mosquitoes are supposed to be released into the wild — as they will mate with their unaltered female counterparts. Once offspring are produced, the modified, scientific facet is supposed to ‘kick in’ and kill that larvae before it reaches breeding age — if tetracycline is not present during its development.
Brazil is the third largest in global antimicrobial consumption in food animal production – giving the mosqitos easy access to – tetracyklin.

These mosqitos were developed to fight dengue fever which claims 20.000 human lives a year.

BBC 1 Febr. 2016  reports that experts are worried that the Zika virus is spreading far and fast, with devastating consequences. The bigger health threat though is believed to be in pregnancy, to the unborn child.
WHO´s declaration  of global emergency means research and aid will be fast-tracked to tackle the infection. Currently, there is no vaccine or medication to stop Zika.
There have been around 4,000 reported cases of microcephaly in Brazil alone since October. But  acc. to the Washington Post less than 1/3 of them are related to Zika.

microcephaly EurActiv 2 Febr. 2016: WHO chief Margaret Chan noted that it was “strongly suspected but not yet scientifically proven” that Zika causes microcephaly.” 
Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: ” As with Ebola, Zika has once again exposed the world’s vulnerability to emerging infectious diseases and the devastation they can unleash. We must put in place the permanent reforms, health systems strengthening and proactive research agenda that are needed to make the global health system more resilient to the threat of future pandemics.”

But there is more to it: An expert, former govt. adviser, itl. Law Prof. Francis Boyle maintains that the Zika virus is a  GMO biowarfare agent and that Bill Gates (notorious for his deadly vaccine programs) is involved: “Don´t trust anything the WHO or CDC says”, says Prof. Boyle .

Zika-mapJon Rappoport 2 febr. 2016:   In 1987, I spoke with a media rep at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). He told me: the CDC sends certain people to Langley for CIA training, and when they come back they have advanced security clearances.
This melded nicely with what I was learning about the CDC’s little-known Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Right off the top, I can tell you they create disinformation on a scale that must make the CIA jealous.

Graduates of this EIS program, as proudly stated by the CDC, have gone on to occupy key positions in the overall medical cartel: Surgeons General; CDC directors; medical school deans and professors; medical foundation executives; drug-company and insurance executives; state health officials; medical editors and reporters in media outlets.

They’ve never met a virus they didn’t love, and if they couldn’t find one, they pretended they did.

They front for the medical cartel. And they provide cover for the crimes of mega-corporations. There’s a town where poverty-stricken people are dying, because horrendous pesticides are running into the water supply and soil? No, it’s a virus. There’s a section of a city where the industrial pollution is driving people over the edge into immune-system failure? No, it’s a virus.
The EIS would have you believe the whole world is being attacked by viruses, all the time. That’s their mission.

They have delivered no proof for Zica causing small heads. The tests that are used widely, the antibody and PCR tests, are worthless for this purpose. 

who_1-1024x575The Zika virus, as in other cases, will be strongly linked to fighting global warming (yet another example of bereft “science”): mosquitoes that carry disease are expanding their territory because of warming.

And of course, this strengthens the vaccine establishment because, for every virus, there must be a vaccine: the shot in the arm, loaded with toxic chemicals and a variety of germs. The EIS. The CDC’s band of brothers. The medical CIA.

Global Res. 1. Febr. 2016  reports terrible consequences of massive use of highly toxic pesticides in  GMO-infested Brazil.
In the areas where women were occupied  with pesticide-spraying and cleaning of sprayers,  almost three-quarters of the women allegedly  miscarried. There are many physical and psychological disorders.

Even the WHO states it does not to know if the microcephaly  is due to Zika virus – which is only possibly dangerous to unborn children. One reasonable alternative would be the extreme poverty and miserable conditions of living – together with multiple pesticides – or even Monsanto´s GMO products.
These require Round-up, declared by the UN to be a probable cancerogen (cell mutations – also in embryos – as found exuberantly in Argentina.

The second look of Brazilian scientists showing that only less than 33% of the increase from 150 to 4.000 of small heads in 2016 are related to Zika (antigens) shows that the overall increase on the whole is unrelated to Zika – but must have another cause. In a population exposed to Zika its antigen is ubiquitous an has no diagnostic value.
Therefore, this whole ado bears the character of another Pharma hoax.

Then there is the postulation that Zicas is a biowarfare agent. I do not think it is. In that case it is even less efficient than AIDS, which was developed for that purpose at Ft. Detrick.
What about the non-GMO-Albopictus males that were already there before 2010? They would not be innocent – and why no increase in microcephaly between 2010 and 2015?
And why are no cases of Zika or increasing microcephalies reported from Malaysia or the Cayman Isles?

2 things are certain: 1) The vaccine producers will receive much more money 2) The cry for one world government will be louder.


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  1. Pablo says:

    Zika: Vicious Fraud: Abortions At Sea: The War On Women

    You’re a pregnant woman in Central America. You’ve just been told you could have the Zika virus. No tests. No confirmation. And of course, no one is telling you that Zika has not been proved to cause anything. But you’re offered an abortion at sea, because the country you live in doesn’t allow abortions, except in very restricted cases. A group will take you out on a ship, and when you come back your baby will be gone. He or she will never be born. You’re just another casualty in the campaign to provoke fear, but now it has been your very personal experience.

  2. Pablo says:

    Dear Anders,

    This is really Freaky

    — Scientists get ‘gene editing’ go-ahead – BBC News —
    UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos.

    It is the first time a country has considered the DNA-altering technique in embryos and approved it.

    — Chinese Team Reports Gene-Editing Human Embryos —
    In an ethically charged first, Chinese researchers have used gene editing to modify human embryos obtained from an in vitro fertilization clinic.

    The 16-person scientific team, based at the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China, set out to see whether it could correct the gene defect that causes betathalassemia, a blood disease, by editing the DNA of fertilized eggs.

  3. Pablo says:

    The Truth About the Zika Virus: Jon Rappoport on The Corbett Report

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