Top Psychiatrist: Angela Merkel Dangerous, without Sense of Reality, Narcissistic, Incorrigible, just before a Mental Breakdown

That something is mentally wrong with with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor,  is probably clear to most of us already. Now a top psychiatrist expresses his view on her case.

merkel-666-2Macedonia Online 26 Jan. 2016:  Top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”.

The Huffington Post 30 Jan. 2016:  Psychoanalyst Hans-Joachim Maaz:  Like so many powerful people, Merkel suffers from  hubris, making her immune to criticism.
Many saw her as the most powerful woman in the world; in this position, she accepts no criticism of her course, any more. Her rigid attitude is seen  both in her speeches and in her posture.

The psychoanalyst sees Merkel thus becoming a “danger” to Germany. And – in a parallel to CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who recently suffered a dizzy spell during a speech – he sees a coming “mental breakdown” if she continues to “stubbornly” adhere to her  course.

“I would describe her behaviour as completely irrational”.
Her behaviour is becoming more defiant. As Merkel currently behaves – irrationally and not clearly –  fears arise that she has lost touch with reality.
Merkel is the prototype of people highly praised and highly pushed. At the same time there is in her a narcissistic basic problem.

She  never was a leader, she always reacts and does not act. This testifies to uncertainty and self-worth deficit, which is the case with many powerful people.
She makes  emotional decisions. This she had not been doing for years. The problem arises when recognition is suddenly dropped and turns into criticism, as it is now the case with Mrs. Merkel. We also know this with Stars in show business: The loneliness, perhaps alcohol and a mental breakdown follow.

Huff.: Do you see this risk with Merkel?

Yes, why would it be different with her from many others in powerful positions? In the current situation, it is, in fact, to be feared that a psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent.

Huff .: But what keeps  Merkel from responding to the criticism? Finally, now,  half the country has turned on her – not to mention her own party. How does she stand it?

In such a case, psychotherapists speak of mental armour. People who have a deep inner need or emergency, must repress criticism radically. They do not allow any outside criticism and cut themselves off also from their inner perception and their own feelings.

The result is emotional and lack of empathy in order to protect themselves. A person who is less armoured responds to criticism. Merkel sticks stubbornly to her “we can do that“.

Huff.: After all you have described, Merkel will likely not change her course. Do you, therefore, hold the current situation and Merkel’s “narcissism” dangerous to Germany?

Yes, the behavior of Mrs. Merkel is dangerous because it contributes much to the fact that the community is splitting, because she insists on positions that are no longer accepted by a growing number of citizens.

Huff.: And you believe that Merkel will give up her position in the end or voluntarily move out of the chancellery?

I do not believe that. The comparison is perhaps hard, but Merkel just reminds me of Erich Honecker as he steps into the plane to Chile and raises the fist of the Red Front.
To say it is wrong questions one´s  whole previous life. Narcissists cannot do that.

What this psycho-analyst says, is probably what we have all felt instinctively. But it’s good to have it confirmed by an expert.

However, I see another perspective: The lady is a brainwashed Freemason (Rotary Club) and remote-controlled.
One has merely to take a look at her hand sign (at the top she shows the 666 mark of the Jewish Messiah/Antichrist) and her mimic-less  mask face  – and one  immediately senses, this is a Robot at work.

Something suggests that Merkel is Jewish – and part of the Talmudic or Zionist conspiracy to exterminate Germany.

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5 Responses to Top Psychiatrist: Angela Merkel Dangerous, without Sense of Reality, Narcissistic, Incorrigible, just before a Mental Breakdown

  1. Pablo says:

    Dear Anders,

    I live now in Holland and a few years ago I saw a Dutch documentary about the bankers brain and the behavior of the banksters is the same as Angela Merkel her attitude. Some of them (CEO of Goldman Sachs) even say, they do God’s work….

    The Bankers Brain HD VPRO Backlight (English Subtitled) 2013

    We do God’s work (Goldman Sachs)

    Goldman Sachs chief says ‘we do God’s work’ as he defends the bank’s mega profits

  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Pablo,

    whereby “God” is to be understood as 1) Jacob Rothschild who owns the detrminant shares in Goldman Sachs or 2) Mammon in accordance with the quotation of the German poet Heinrich Heine, who said: “In our time there is only one god, Mammon, and Rothschild is his prophet”!

  3. melton says:

    Just as many top bankers may share the delusional self-justifications of Goldman-Sachs, so too many Western elites are deluded that they can understand Islam without having read Islam’s source texts.

  4. Anders says:

    That´s the point, melton.

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