Rockefeller´s TIME MAGAZIN: Merkel the Obedient Puppet of the Year

Merkel-Time-Person-of-the Yeae

DWN 9. Dez. 2015:  The US news magazine Time has named Chancellor Angela Merkel  the Person of the Year. As justification the magazine  indicates that  Merkel demands much from the German people and the Americans, as well. The US wants 10,000 refugees by the end of 2016 (maybe). In Germany, the tally of one million was reached on Tuesday.

Wikipedia:  As a result of the public backlash it received from the United States for naming the Khomeini as Man of the Year in 1979, Time has shied away from using figures that are controversial in the United States due to commercial reason

The selections were ultimately based on what the magazine describes as who they believed had a stronger influence on history and who represented either the year or the century the most.
Time has the world’s largest circulation for a weekly news magazine, and has a readership of 25 million.

Wikipedia:  On December 7, 2015, Time Magazine announced Bernie Sanders as the winner of its Person of the Year readers’ poll.[23] Bernie Sanders received 10.2% of the vote, far surpassing Malala Yousafzai at 5.2% and Pope Francis at 3.7%. Despite the poll results, Time’s editors did not include Bernie Sanders in their shortlist of 8 finalists for 2015 Person of the Year, which has led to public outrage and calls for a boycott of Time Magazin.

Bibliothecapleyades: The Rockefeller family has enormous controls over various magazines and newspapers.  One of the magazines that the Rockefellers have some control over is Time magazine. Time’s board chairman, Andrew Heiskell was associated with David Rockefeller.

 Wikipedia brings a list of people who have obtained this “honour”: They all (with one or 2 exceptions) are persons who have somehow promoted the NWO.

The selection of Merkel can only beseen as an NWO political manifestattion

The following was published in Infowars 9 Dec. 2015:  TIME made a strange selection considering that when NBC asked viewers their choice for the award, only 1% of over 736,000 votes went to Merkel.


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