EU Will Forbid “Hate Speech” on Internet – while Inviting It Into Europe

The EU Commission has one conference after another to legislate against “hate speech” leading to violence. Like this EU Press Release e.g.

Nevertheless, The EU invites unlimited Muslim free hate speech and violence into the EU. But “hate speech” does not apply  for these welcome guests who are to inherit what our ancestors and we have built up over centuries – then to dismantle it within a few years.

Infowars 6 Dec. 2015, Pamela Geller:  The day after a horrific ISIS rampage, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, pledged to an Islamic supremacist lobbying group that she would prosecute anyone who used “anti-Muslim” rhetoric
Pamela Geller: “If You Want to Ban Violent Talk, Ban the Quran”.
And everybody should read that terrible book before advocating Islam

“No hate speech”  means Islam criticism, which can hardly not be pertinent, and  protests against politicians who are murdering the way of life  we want without giving us a say. Politicians call it democracy, for we have chosen their parties – who in consensus keep dissidents out, however.  Some call it collective suicide.

We once again have to do with a kind of false flag.

For who deliver the hate speech and the rapes/violence? It is no secret that violent  crimes today are predominantly associated with Islam. In Sweden rapes have gone up by 1472% since the country became multicultural. In Helsinki , Finland, 14 out of 14 rapes were committed by foreigners “with another view on women´s status”. What else terror is being imported with the free Muslim iis well known – although mostly kept silent by the MSM.

Infowars 7 Dec. 2015: When asked on camera whether it is good to kill French people for Allah, Muslim migrants seeking asylum in Italy answered affirmatively, remarking that it is “good” to kill French people, and warning of a looming December 8 Islamist attack on Rome.

In a disturbing new video produced by the Italian television program “L’aria che tira” (“What’s Trending”), presenters asked some asylum seekers and other migrants what they thought about the November 13 Paris attacks.
The program interviewed migrants at the largest refugee center in Europe, located in the Sicilian province of Catania, asking what they thought about the Paris massacres.

Outside the mosque in Catania, Ahmad told the journalist that “by 2025 all of France will become Muslim.”

“What I am saying, is that our Koran said these things.”
“The French killed our people and I agree with those who killed the French. If you continue killing in Syria and Palestine, we will do it in France.”
“And look, I swear,” he said, “on December 8 I think there will be something in Rome. They said it on Facebook.” – see below


“Because you’re (not?) making war against Islam,” he said, “you are making war against God (Allah). And you can’t make war on God (Allah). God allows you to breathe. God allows you to see. You want to make war against God? You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Our” politicians betray us, giving us away to violence and our children to forced conversions to a postulated “god” who has nothing to do with God who manifested himself through his son Jesus Christ, who even left his visiting card as proof of his resurrection and divinity – the supernatural Shroud of Turin – declared genuine by all sciences.
Although Allah has not demonstrated any proof of his existence our politicians are now worshipping him blindly by favouring his followers in any respect – above us.

The gratitude of the invaders is clearly shown above in the video: They will kill us and rule our countries. And our politicians know. It evil in the highest degree.

And we are guilty of “hate speech” if we protest against what we disgust – not  even against Islam which is unchangeable, but against the way we are being scorned and bullied by “our” politicians, when we document to them what Islam really is like.

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  2. Is President Barack Hussein Obama a hidden Muslim? A follower of “prophet” Mohammed?

    My comments to the following website which I would like to recommend:

    Obama Just Made The Most Tyrannical Statement & Draconian Move Ever!

    Hi Lisa & fellow readers and listeners, (sorry for the length, but thanks for reading!)

    here some facts and toughts regarding


    *) I was asking various times Muslims living here in my home country Switzerland if President Obama is a Muslim or not. As far as I remember all said: “Yes, he is!”

    *) The complete name ob President Obama is “Barack Hussein Obama”.
    Barack is an Arabic and also Hebrew name. According to Islamic teachings “Baraq – or Buraq” was the name of the horse of “Prophet” Mohammed.
    Here is the crazy story: (no idea about this site!)

    – Burāq (Arabic: البُراق‎ al-Burāq “lightning”) is the horse that purportedly carried Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the so-called Night Journey that took place 10 years after Muhammad became a self-declared prophet, during the 7th century.

    – Hussein is a common Arabic Muslim name.

    *) Obama is wearing a ring upon which is written in Arabic
    “There is no god except Allah”.
    The complete sentence in English would be:
    “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet (or: messenger).”
    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
    lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadur-rasūlu-llāh
    (When I was working some more than 2 years in Egypt, my Muslim fellow co-workers tried several times to bring me to say this sentence in Arabic. According to their belief if you repeat this Muslim declaration of faith 3 times you have become a Muslim. – For sure I never did so!)

    – See World Net Daily:
    (This statement about Obamas ring was confirmed by Mark A. Gabrel. Mark Gabriel was teaching Islam at the most famous Muslim University in the World: Al Azhar in Cairo. At the same time he was a Muslim Iman (Preacher) in Giza in a Mosque – Giza is just on the other side of River Nile. During the time he was teaching there, I had an office job in Cairo and our than still small family was living in Giza, just behind Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali who just became elected Secr Gen of UN about one month after we got that flat very near river Nile. The grandfather of Boutros-Ghali was Prime Minister in Egypt under British rule. The mother of BBG was Jewish and his wife is from a wellknown Jewish family from Alexandria. Officially he is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt. BBG helped Anwar al Sadat to get the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.
    Professor Gabriel – he had before an Egyptian Muslim name – was teaching his students in Al Azahar University and got some doubts about some Islamic teachings and spoke with his students about that. Not long time after that he was taken into custody by the Egyptian Secret Police and tortured in prison, where he barely survived. There he concluded that this cannot be the true religion. On his search for truth he checked out everything from Buddhism, Hinduism etc. And he often went to a pharmacy to get medication against his headache. One day the lady in the pharmacy asked him, what really was his problem. And he told her that he lost faith in Islam and is seeking the truth. This lady than handed him over her own Arabic Bible and told him to read it. The same day he opened the bible and by God’s grace he started with the Sermon on the Mount in Matthews 5 and continued to read until the Gospel of John: He immediately became a Christian. His own father than tried to shoot him and he was not longer safe in Egypt. In South Africa he met Christians who helped him further. Today, he is married to a German wife. I am not sure where he is living.
    I met him hear in Switzerland and saw that bible. He is going on in many churches and small congregations and is telling them about Islam, terrorism, the Arabs and his hope that still many should become believers in Jesus the Christ. (You will find more reference about him in the net. But his own homepage he told me personally was stolen by a Muslim!). He also wrote several books. I got a German copy from him free of charge who is dealing mainly with terrorism in connection with Islam.

    *) President Obama got from the (late) Saudi king the highest order of Merit from Saudi Arabia (But also George W. Bush, Berlusconi from Italy, David Cameron from the UK and other important guys got that order). The royal family of Saudi Arabia are Sunnies. And specifically Wahabites. This is an extreme understanding and teaching of Islam…. (Similar to that understanding of ISIS/ISIL or Daesh in Arabic. ISIS is mainly financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is a “joint-venture” of the US, British and Israeli secret services who had there war head quater in the Syrian war in the Northern Part of the Jordan kingdom. Turkey and Erdogan with his family is also involved. Now the European Union is trying to get Turkey with their 75 millions as quick as possible into the EU – most Turks are Muslims. Turkey is also an important ally of NATO.)
    Pics here: google search pics: “barack obama saudi king order of merit saudi arabia”

    *) There is still an ongoing controversy if he really was born in Hawai or not. Most probably he is NOT BORN in the US. So he should not have been allowed to become President in the US. Have you ever seen his real birth certificate?

    *) I heard several times that a half-brother of Obama in Kenia is high up in the Muslim brotherhood…. !!!

    *) Here Obama is saying: “My Muslim faith… and is corrected and says: “My Christian faith”. (just a few seconds).

    *) Obama was also speaking at in Paris. The CLIMATE CHANGE summit was just a few days after the “terror shootings” in Paris, where they had the same day also terror exercises!!! After that the French President, a French Freemason, declared a kind of “Martial Law” in Paris – I think for 3 months (also in Belgium happened the same and their Prime Minister was calling for the urgent establishment of an European “CIA”.) Martial Law in Paris came just in time “to protect the Climate Change Conference” and the 150 heads of states – with delegations from 195 countries and some 10.000 people present – who bowed down under the dogma of the elite: “Human produced CO2 is the culprit for Climate Change.” Prince Charles was teaching that this is the biggest threat we have here on the earth…. 😉 🙁 (The pope was than in Africa and had a speech in Nairobi, the UN centre for Africa where he repeated “his new belief”…. CLIMATE CHANGE. He is telling it is a scientific fact!) Google for Papal Encyclica in English. Green, marxist, Jesuit doctrine!
    (Also the Presidents of Russia, China and India bowed under CLIMATE CHANGE in Paris…! Never before in history happened something similar!!!!They hope to complete a global binding agreement by December 11, 2015). And the Governor of the Bank of England is already telling there will be a global CO2-TASK FORCE.

    *) Obama’s mother is from the Merovingian “club”. The Merovingians are mostly European Royals and families connected to them. They have the occult, total crazy belief, that Jesus Christ survive the cruxiciftion and married Mary from Magdala. The story continues that they had children and some (?) of them came to todays Southern France. From there came King Merovee. And from this king the Royals in Europe are offsprings of. The English Royal family even has a falsificated family tree going back to King David… The Merovingians belief they have the right to dominate and rule the world (this in a few words that occult teaching. Hope I got all right!)

    Thanks for your patience in reading!!! Greetings from Switzerland.
    (We still have “global warming” here and nearby no snow 😉 :):

    Below is the link to the PAPAL ENCYCLICA (= PRAISED BE…).
    Extreme green, sustainable development, ClimateChange, CO2, ECOLOGICAL CONVERSION !!!!, (NO NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN IN JESUS THE CHRIST!!!),
    ENVIROMENTAL DISCUSSIONS etc. (from the first Jesuit, green, marxist pope, who is strongly affected from interfaith actions etc. Here in the capital of our district for some 10 (?) years high Roman Catholic clerics – from various countries – met under the (former) bishop of St. Gallen, Ivo Fürer, to kick Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) out and Cardinal Bergoglio from Buenos Aires upon the Papacy – and they succeeded. Even in the regional newspaper they reported about this crazy story and told that this Catholic group called themselves even “the Mafia”. (In German:;art122380,4374029 )


    If they agree to the GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA in Paris this week world wide fossil fuels, coal and probably wood will be heavely taxed and the industry production will suffer heavy losses and even the food production will suffer extremely under it. Remember Revelation chapter 6! Remember the 500 million people who should be the maximum population on the globe according the the Atlanta “Guidestones”. Upon them is encoded the number “322” which is the secret number of the Yale Secret order “Skull & Bones” (the old and young president Bush is in it as well as John Kerry!).

    At the COP15 some years ago, the Climate Change conference failed completely. During that conference I was in contact with a Christian who distributed tracts there. They had a horrible, frozen period of time in Denmark… So God is still in control…
    There was not CLIMATE WARMING then…
    But now we have very mild temperatures here in Central Europe… But God had another clear message. The main European Volcano ETNA in Sicily/Europe erupted during the Climate Change conference and it was the worst outbreak since some 20 years. They even had to close down 2 airports. And a VOLCANO IS PRODUCING TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CO2! Thanks to God for this sign from heaven!

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