Sweden´s Foreign Minister, Former EU Commission Vice-President: “Our system Will Collapse” – Due to Migrants. 2 More Foreign Ministers Agree.

wallströmDagens Nyheter 30 Oct. 2015: Sweden’s outspoken foreign minister, Margot Wallström, No. 2 in the Swedish government and former vice-president of the EU-Commission, has hit out at fellow EU member states over the refugee crisis, saying the union needs to do more to relieve the pressure on her country.

“I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year – in the long run, our system will collapse. And that welcome is not going to receive popular support,” said Wallström, echoing her Social Democrat colleague’s comments.

More and more, I think women should be heard. They are the ones who feel up to seeing the future, who feel up to  thinking about how we shal mend what has already been spoilt and create a future for our children.”

I attended a Meetingin Copenhagen  with Margot Wallström, the EU Commission vice president, on  19 May 2006 .
Later, I wrote on Balder Blog – (and I have here added a few more notes from then):
Nowhere in Wallstroems speech, the Euromediterranean Process /Eurabia nor the EU promise to the peoples of 9 Muslim member countries of free immigration to the EU and a common market with the EU from 2010 are mentioned.

Deliberately. This concealment is the most disgusting of all lies.

Margot Wallstrom dishonestly says it is about time to realize plan D: Democracy, debate and dialogue.

Consequently, I asked her for the reason why she, our governments and media had kept the Euromediterranean Project secret to us for many years, and why she as the highest responsible person for EU-communication had not informed us about the fact that The Danish Center for Culture and Development of the Danish Foreign Ministry, the Anna Lindh Foundation   and the UNESCO Cultural Convention (of 20.10.2005) claim to remove our ancient culture and religion, creating a Euromediterranean area without ‘them’ and ‘us’– leaving the way open for Islam.

She just crimsoned, muttered lowly: “I don´understand the problem. It is just to help our poor neighbours”,  staring helplessly and dismayed – and kept silent”.
I then pointed to the fact that the EU´s foreign ministers in 2003 had promised citizens of 9 Muslim Partner countries free migration into the EU. No answer to that. Nor to my question to this on her blog.

She concluded her speech: ‘The EU has one overriding purpose: to empower citizens. Through informed dialogue and debate. For the sake of a more democratic Europe.’

Could Hitler or Goebbels have twisted the truth any better?
Or in a smarter manner?

monasahlinIn another point, this Marxist feminist is disingenuous: She says women could foresee the migrant disaster and its solution better than men: The 5 most disastrous persons advocating mass migration are 1. Margot Wallström  2. Mona Sahlin (right), former leader of the Swedish Social Democrats 3. Benita Ferrero Waldner (mastermind and whip behind EU´s “self-regulation censorship) , former EU Commissioner 4. EU´s Foreign Minister and “High Representative”, Federica Mogherini, who openly declares that “Political Islam”/the Sharia is to be Europes Future. 5. German  Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

They are the tools of   satanic Masons  and here and here.

These “foresighted” female Marxist feminists apparently could not foresee that they wrought Europe´s and Sweden collapse – as Wallström now admits! Shame on them!

But Wallström is not alone: Both the British foreign minister and former Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Möller, the mastermind behind the Islamisation of Europe in cooperation with UNESCO, ISESCO, ALECSO, have proclaimed that Europe will collapse in a nightmare under the Migration burden.

And that nightmarish collapse is exactly the masterplan acc. to Wikileaks.


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