Superpower Role of the USA in NWO Theatre now over acc. to Obama. NWO Antithesis Russia Taking on the Role as the “Prince of the World”

putinobamapigeonInfowars 12 Oct. 2015;  In the wake of US-Russian discussions on preventing accidental collisions between each others’ aircraft while operating in the sky over Syria, the American side issued a special rule, prohibiting US jets from closely approaching Russian planes.

Moreover, if Russian aircraft is detected in the area of US military operation, any American forces are obliged to cancel their operations in the area. Several US air raids have already been cancelled under that rule.

su_30Veterans Today 11 Oct. 2015: For the first time, Russia admitted that it has deployed Russia´s  loyed advanced SU 30 “non export model” fighters to Syria for air superiority roles against Turkish, Israeli and now, according to a Times story, British fighters as well.

DWN 12 Sept. 2015: US President Barack Obama has made a spectacular change of course of US foreign policy: In an interview with “60 Minutes”, as the first US President, he called the war in Iraq  an “error”. The Syrian strategy has failed, as has the intervention in Afghanistan. The US needs to end its military excursions. Thus said Nobel Peace Prize winner  Obama.
Wars are no longer to  dominate US foreign policy.

Then Kroft asked if the weakness of the US is not expressed through  Russian President Vladimir Putin now having taken command in the Middle East.
Obama got somewhat confused and tried to present America’s strength as being found elsewhere, for example in the fight against climate change!!
“If we make this mistake (in Syria Iraq, Yemen) again, then shame on us!

araber-putinDWN 12 Sept, 2015The military strength of Russia has now also brought Saudi Arabia to follow suit. The new Saudi defense minister agreed with the Russian President in Moscow that both countries want to cooperate in Syria.
Thus, Russia has forged a broad alliance for its operations in Syria with Iran and Iraq, and the Russians cooperate  with China, as well. US President Barack Obama and Israel will be informed. France supported Russia’s actions explicitly. On Sunday a second video conference between Russian and American military took place.

DWN 12 Sept 2015: In the military structure of the United States former office chief of US Secretary of State Colin Powell sees signs that the US is losing importance as a world power.
Colonel A.D. Lawrence Wilkerson sees the future of the military power of the United States in a very pessimistic light. In a speech to students of the Lone Star College in Kingwood Texas, he said: “Shortly before itheir  demise, empires concentrate  on military force as the alpha and omega of power. In the stage of their descent they stake on  mercenaries instead of regular soldiers who are made up of citizens.

DWN 11 Sept. 2015:   The Establishment of the Russian-Syrian-Iranian intelligence Centre in Bagdad is  an expression of frustrated Iraqi expectations towards the US.

To me the above seems to be the obituary of the US as a superpower – and more or less the voluntary handing over of this role to dictator Putin.
Many will see this as the salvation of the world. I do not. On the contrary. I see the road being cleared for Russia´s free hand in the Middle East to complete its antithetic, its Masonic and biblical role in the Middle East and the world. I repeat: See the Albert Pike/William Carr plan, the Chabad Lubavitch plan as well as Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 (And why not? Ezekiel 35, 36 and 37 have already been completed).

I also see a parallel to the peaceful fall of the Soviet Union: Gorbachev simply heeded the warning of the Trilateral Commission delegation – David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, former French President and author of the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, Valéry Giscard d´Estaing, and former Japanese Prime Minister Nakazone in 1989: “The Soviet Union´s days are numbered. We will no longer fund you”. Purpose: World Communism Agenda 21 to be  represented by the EUSSR instead of Soviet Communism. Gorbachev had seen the GDR fall apart due to Rockefeller´a Chase Manhattan Bank withdrawing its Credits in 1982 – and as a 32 degree Mason wanted to promote Adam Weishaupt´s/Mayer Rothscgild´s satanic world Communism.. So does Communist Mason Obama playing his part on the stage.

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2 Responses to Superpower Role of the USA in NWO Theatre now over acc. to Obama. NWO Antithesis Russia Taking on the Role as the “Prince of the World”

  1. Massimo says:

    Hi Anders,

    very interesting news. Basically the Sukhoi Su-30 is an interceptor, very manoeuvrable and designed for deadly air-to-air operations against other planes so yes, they were there to eventually take down the coalition jet fighters, just in case some F-16 piece of junk wanted to engage. Turkish airspace violations by Russians (at least two in a row) were also provocations to test the NATO (not existing) air defences.

    Obama’s fiasco means NWO fiasco, he quitted the operations in the Middle East when he understood that Putin is not going to back down, to deal with Russian military is not like dealing with the Taliban, Gheddafi or Saddam Hussein poorly trained and equipped troops.
    Back in the days the US would have invaded Syria with some idiotic excuse (chemical weapons, they also tried…) but not against Putin’s will: the first time he stopped them diplomatically and the second time stopped them displaying Russia’s military power.

    In 6 months Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran (maybe Libya too) will be under the Russian influence, so no “great Israel” that will be isolated and forced to recognize the Palestinian State. I don’t see how the Jewish run ISIS can resist, yes they had a ton of money and weapons from the West NWO countries, but actually their days are numbered.
    So gave over for Netanyahu too, who is actually facing a new Intifada, probably the last one, but at some point it will depend on Putin, Israel’s future is in his hands: if he goes for peace, like I think he will, then he deserve another Nobel price.

    The UE weak leaders probably don’t even know what to do now, they basically goes where Germany and France go, so how long it will take before they will stop sanctions against Russia? Things will change in Europe very soon, but now I want to enjoy the US funeral in the Middle East thinking about Kissinger face…

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