Russia Reveals Her Plans in the Middle East: Totally Domination of Syrian Airspace – Stretching far into Iraq.

The following video is very iteresting.

The Website of the South Front behind it is here. I cannot find independent mention of it – it seems to be a new blog? Its Mail address is Russian –
It states the SouthFront, Analysis & Intelligence to be a public analytical project maintained by an independent team of experts from the four corners of the Earth, focusing on international relations issues and crises and working through a number of media platforms with a special emphasis on social networks.
Considering how exuberantly this website is equipped it is likely that it is state-funded – although the blog states to be independent.

Here follows a video explaining the Russian plans in the Middle East

The following transcript is from the Global Res. 2 Oct. 2015: 
Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces division known as the “Tiger Forces” have deployed their units to the east Aleppo front to help lift the ISIS’s siege of the Kuweires Military Airport. Lifting the siege from the airport will open additional opportunities of the Syrian Air Force’s usage in the conflict and free forces and facilities which could be used to relieve the situation in the sector.

It’s very possible that Russia will use Iraq’s vast airspace in the nearest future. (And Iraq welcones it). Iraq is imperative to Russia’s fight against ISIS due to its geographical location. In other cases, Russia’s airstrikes in eastern Syria would be limited because of terrorists’ ability to use Iraq’s wide-open highways.

Earlier, South Front Analysis & Intelligence reported that Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria have made an agreement to set up in Bagdad a joint information center to coordinate their operations against ISIS.

The positioning of Russian aircraft in Syria gives the Kremlin an ability to shape and control the battlespace in both Syria and Iraq out of all proportion to the size of the Russian force.

It could impact the U.S. to accept a combined coalition with Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanese Hezbollah in support of operations against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Separately, the contemporary situation can probably lead to the establishment of a   permanent Russian naval and  air base in the  Eastern Mediterranean.

The USA has declined the invitation to cooperate with the above coalition – and so has Israel. Hezbollah is Israel´s mortal enemy, allied with Iran.

The West is demanding Russia to immediately stop bombing its “moderate” rebel allies .
By the way: 

Russian Foreign Minister Lawrow says: We give the people of Lebanon unconditional support in resisting the terrorist and extremist groups such as the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra,” Lavrov said.



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