Brave Feminist New World Order Human Rights Dictatorship – to be Ruled by the “Sewers” of Human Rights, Saudi Arabia T

I recently wrote about the influence of Marxist feminism which has degraded and made the  West decadent and all tolerant by effeminating our sons, giving them a female education. Now they are going for confiscation of the licenses of internet providers who do not ban websites critisizing feminism. So who knows, if you shall ever read this blog again!












Above: In Canada a man disagreed with feminists on Twitter: He was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

Guess who is to supervise the UN´s Human feminist rights? Saudi Arabia notorious for repressing not only women – but every human right”. The following video shows some of Saudi Arabia´s crimes against humanity. So far, it has beheaded 127 persons this year.

Saudi-Arabia has convicted  17-year-old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr   to be beheaded and crucified for protesting against the government and possessing weapons. Besides, he is a Shia Muslim , a disgusting heretic! He was tortured to confess – for there were no proofs. This is a clear violation of  UN´s Human Rights.





But do the feminists care? No. They are going free – even when they demand all men sent into concentration camps. And why not?
Who takes them seriously? Certainly not Saudi Arabia!!




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