Pravda on Migration: Europe Becoming the Cesspool of the World. Polish Obserwator Politycsny: Europeans Will Flee to Siberia!

Protokolle der Weisen von Zion, Protokoll 15:  Wir erzeugen und multiplizieren kostenlose Freimaurerlogen in allen Ländern der Welt, um darin alle, die möglicherweise in öffentlicher Tätigkeit aktiv werden oder schon prominent sind, in diese zu absorbieren. Für diese Logen werden wir unsere wichtigsten Nachrichtenagenturen und Mittel der Einflussnahme finden.
Wenn in dieser Welt Unruhe entsteht, bedeutet es, dass wir sie schüren mussten, um ihre zu große Solidarität zu brechen. Sollte aber in ihrer Mitte eine Verschwörung entstehen, dann wird an der Spitze dieser Handlung nichts anderes als einer unserer betreuten Diener stehen.
Wir richten Freimaurer so hin, daß es keiner ausser der BRUDERSCHAFT – nicht einmal die Opfer unseres Todesurteils selbst- verdächtigen kann



Sputnik 11. Sept. 2015:  The huge influx of migrants into Europe might one day force the Europeans to flee their own land, seeking for shelter. The Polish media even suggests they could find refuge in Russia’s Siberia; many already see it as “durable and stable” and secretly wish the “polite people in green uniforms would one day ensure their stability”.
suggests the Polish news website Obserwator Polityczny.


Pravda 31 Aug. 2015 Europe is facing the danger of Washington-generated Islamization that will deprive Europe of cultural and Christian identity. Why not throw good old Europe into the melting pot of nationalities and religions so that it is easier to control it?
Europe was chosen as a cesspool for those who flee from US-instigated destruction and wars for democracy.


All Orthodox nations are dying out, and Sunni Muslims are coming to replace them.
Social explosions may lead to the creation of, for example, “the Party of Islamic Justice” that will win parliamentary elections in the United States of Europe thus giving birth to a new, 1-billion-strong country, with 600 million originating from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

This Sunni state will leave traces of “traditional beliefs” in the face of Christians somewhere in the north. The army of this mega state will be based on American principles. The army will consist of the people, who will be ready to wage war against anyone. The model for the establishment of such a state has already been used in the creation of the Taliban and the Islamic State.

If you take away the Internet from such people (the Internet is controlled by the USA), the crowd will crush the culprit. The war against Russia will reduce the global population and will give the Americans an opportunity to colonize Russia.

After the war, the world will be adjusted to America’s standards. Under the slogan of developing healthcare and anti-terrorist struggle, chips will be implanted under the skin of every human being. World’s elites will start cloning themselves, while common people will work for the evolution of the human body.

In the following video, you can see  the root of masterminds of the immigration-war waged om white Europe. Acc. to  Jyri Lina’s book “Architects of Deception,” Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles  (non-Jews) . Our leading politicians are Fremasons.


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  1. R Davis says:

    BORN – 1942 in Madison Wisconsin & Educated in New York City, she studied philosophy at Columbia University.
    Then she wrote lots of books that no one bought….
    Q: Since when does it make you any kind of an authority upon having written a book.
    Barbra Lerner Spectre is a senile 74 years old.
    Has anyone bothered to ask if Barbra has seen a medical professional regarding her inability to focus & concentrate, her lack of short term memory ?
    Is it demetia or alzheimers ?
    Then there is the fact the she has not got a clue as to what she is talking about, her whole life has been about earning a salary by keeping alive the ‘HOLOCAUST STORIES’.
    Billions have been INVSETED in THE HOLOGAUST STORY – to make sure it remains the official story of WW2 Germany.
    But it is not … according to accounts of vicitm numbers, in death camps Birkenau & Auschwits – 6.000 people were killed & cremated each day.
    This is curious because therefore, at these 2 camps only/alone, around 20-25 million people were killed during the 6 years that WW2 ran.
    And now we must also remember that 6 million Jews were also a part of that …
    *It was listening to Ursula Haverbeck that put me here & I now need answers – Ursula say that the holocaust did not happen & I believe her, what did happen was A NASTY CASE OF DOMOCIDE , you see the Jews were not Jews but Germans & Poles & Swiss of the Jewish faith, who died along side the Christians & Atheists & Gays & spastics & anthing else that they could kill to make the world a better place…
    The Jew element was the pull for Rothschild to get his little Kingdom at the tip of the world The Holy Lands where Gods powers are most potent & the oil runs thick & fast until eternity & this is what Barbra Lerne Spectre is protecting to th tune of billions.
    Baron Rothschild was hooked on opium & alcohol – one goes with the other, they are inseperable according to addiction – imagine the hallucination & dilemas there of.

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