Illustrated Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion: How Rothschild conquered the West and Russia

FNathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quoteormer US Congressman David Duke has written a Book, “The Illustrated Protocols of Zion” – written before the first Zionist Congress in 1897. Jews have desperately tried to stamp the Protocols off as the worst antisemitic smear of all times.  
However, they have never been proven to be a fake – and nearly all of their predictions  have been or is being fulfilled by the world´s Pharisaic/Masonic governments.
See this shocking video by David Duke

Here follows some statements from the video:
Remember: “Goyim” means “cattle” – and is the Pharisaic term for non-judaists.
What follows below has relevance for many European states incl. Russa.

On 2 Sept. 1994, Israels biggest daily, The Maariv, wrote:






both-are-in-the-grip Jewish journalist Joel Stein , The Los Angeles Times



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