Danish State Radio: US Will Protect Its Trainee Rebels against Syrian Government in Syria – Who Is Defeating NATO´s/Israel´s IS(IS)/Al Qaeda Allies

“We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.” —Rupert Murdoch Feb 24 2009, 

The recognition of our despot may also come …when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for – of their rulers, will clamour: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders – frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts – who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.” (Protocols of  the Wise Elders of Zion, 10:18). 


It is confusing: The West is making treason a virtue  – patriotism condemnable, and lies the standard of the news –  truth punishable. But don´t wonder: This is the NWO which will prevail, acc. to Pres. Bush Sr.

Veterans Today 2 Aug. 2015 The United States and European Union have placed crippling economic sanctions on Syria based entirely on that nation’s military opposition to the ISIS and al Qaeda terror organizations. (Comment: It is also about a Rothschild central bank)
America is now admitting it is losing its “air war” against the Takfiris with up to 9 strikes a day, several of which accidentally hit forces allied with the US and others seemingly drop supplies to the enemy. That this weak air war is waged so openly, not just the weak air war by the US but, as of last week, sending in the US backed Turkish Air Force which has yet to hit a single named ISIS target after over 600 sorties

The ability to lie at such a level, punish those who fight terrorism, provide air support and supply drops to the enemy, these things can only happen under some very nasty circumstances. It isn’t just the press that’s controlled but the governments as well. Whoever is backing the terrorists also seems to be pulling the strings in Washington, Ankara, Jerusalem, Paris and London.

Terrorists-or-freedom-fightersTime and again, I have written that the Syrian rebels are affiliated to Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and ISIS. Idriss, the leader of the so-called Free Syrian Army, has openly declared that all rebels cooperate with Al Qaeda/ISIS which was founded, is funded, trained and equipped  the US, NATO, and provided with medical care by Israel (UN report) – to provide an excuse to oust Syria´s legal president, Al-Assad who acc. to NATO only has 10% of his people against him.

Now this conspiracy has been made official by the Danish Radio and German N-TV.

Danmarks Radio 3 Aug. 2015 und  N-TV 3 Aug. 2015: US-Präsident Barack Obama hat Insidern zufolge angeordnet, die vom amerikanischen Militär ausgebildeten Kämpfer in Syrien notfalls auch vor etwaigen Angriffen von Regierungstruppen zu schützen. Damit könnte es zu einer direkten Konfrontation zwischen US-Einheiten und der Armee von Präsident Baschar al-Assad kommen.

Die US-Luftwaffe werde die Einsätze der Aufständischen aus dem amerikanischen Rekrutierungsprogramm gegen  die Extremistenmiliz Islamischer Staat (IS) unterstützen. Allerdings werde man diese Einheiten nun auch gegen jeden Angreifer verteidigen. US-Vertreter lehnten eine offizielle Stellungnahme ab. Zuerst hatte das “Wall Street Journal” von dem Vorgang berichtet. CNN berichtete, Obama habe das Vorgehen nach monatelangen Beratungen gebilligt.

Danmarks Radio 3 Aug. 2015 und  N-TV 3 Aug. 2015: According to insiders, US President Barack Obama has arranged to protect the trainees of the US military fighters in Syria even before any attacks by government forces, if necessary. This could lead to a direct confrontation between US troops and the army of President Bashar al-Assad.

The US Air Force will support the operations of the insurgents from the American recruitment program against the extremist militia, the Islamic State (IS). These units will now  be protected against any aggressor. US officials rejected an official statement. First, the “Wall Street Journal” reported about the operation. CNN reported that Obama has endorsed the approach after months of deliberations.

The USA is attacking the IS directly by air attacks. In addition, since May, the US military is educating locals to fight the Islamists. They are explicitly not to be used against the government troops. On Friday, the first group of this militia was attacked in northern Iraq by other insurgents. Then the US Air Force came to support them.
In US circles, it has been repeatedly stated, we do not expect an action by the Syrian government forces against the US recruits. However, accidental clashes cannot be ruled out.
The first 3.000 US-trainees were let into Syria from Turkey about 3 months ago. They immediately joined IS(IS)/Al Qaeda, leaving a broad track of destroyed Syrian Army tanks behind them.
A fortnight ago,  an invasion of Syria by  Jordan began under the supreme  command of a US military staff in Jordan.

Global Res. 31 July 2015:  Military confrontation with the Syrian government is inevitable. President Assad is already attacking ISIS in the area that the U.S.-Turkey alliance wants to make “safe” via its coordinated military operation. Syrian fighter jets will eventually be targeted, since the goal is to allow extremist groups a “safe zone” to continue their attacks on the Syrian government after ISIS is dealt with.This is exactly how events developed in Libya, when the U.S.-NATO led a “no-fly zone” that was supposedly created to allow a “humanitarian corridor,” but quickly snowballed into its real goal: regime change and assassination of Libya’s president.

This epic war crime is still celebrated by Obama and Hillary Clinton as a “victory,” while Libyans drown in the Mediterranean to escape their once-modern but now obliterated country.
The only reason this hasn’t happened is that the U.S. and its allies have always viewed ISIS as a convenient proxy against Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran, not to mention leverage against the Iran-friendly government of Iraq.










Turkey remains the biggest obstacle to defeating ISIS, since it’s been helping it for years.  ISIS is so welcomed inside Turkey that ISIS promotes Turkey on social media as the international transit hub for jihadis wanting to join ISIS. ISIS has long used the Turkish border to escape Syrian government attacks, seek medical assistance, and get supplies and reinforcements and the Turkish border control looks the other way.

In discussing the “safe zone,” the U.S. media always ignore the concept of national sovereignty the basis for international law.
The boundaries of countries are sacred from the standpoint of international law. The only just war is a defensive one. When one country implements a no-fly zone in another country, national boundaries are violated and international law is broken by an act of war.

A U.S.-Turkish no-fly zone will deepen an already regional war: Iran and Hezbollah have recently ramped up direct support of the Syrian government.
As Turkish and the U.S. military enter the war space for the first time, confrontation is inevitable. Confrontation is the plan.

This is a dangerous development. Syria is not alone. Russia is criticizing the US-Turkish no fly zone  – and  The Moscow Times 29 June 2015  quoted Syria’s foreign minister as saying  in Moscow  Russia had promised to send political, economic and military aid to his country, where the army is coming under some of the heaviest pressure since the start of the civil war. Putin said earlier on Monday there was no change in Russia’s support for the Syrian leadership.
The situation is, however, even more dangerous as Turkey´s dictator, Erdogan, thinks Putin is ready to drop Assad – thus giving Erdogan a free hand.

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