The Nightmare of the Globalist Bilderbergers: Their Looting Creates Poverty and Fewer Customers to Loot

bilderberg-2015The Bilderbergers are meeting in Austria from 11-14 June 2015. I see the Bilderberg meetings as a place where the elite tell their stooges what to think and what to do. E.g., most Danes think, that at the meeting in 2013, the Bilderbergers told Danish Finance minister Corydon to sell decisive shares in our crown jewell, DONG, the Danish oil extraction company, to Goldman Sachs far below their market value – and without informing the public or Parliament on other bids! Corruption?

Wrockefeller-bildhy are the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, as well as the head of Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs and Rothschild´s son-in-law, Marcus Agius, present? Why are they discussing artificial intelligence? which includes trans/posthumanism, i.e. regular brain-engineering with built-in remote control, bestowing super intelligence – and purportedly eternal life (as long as technicians are available!). Why is artificial intelligence the number one item?

As stated in the following video, the Bilderberg elite are the true NWO monsters, the hidden hand behind world development. The heads of state and government meeting at the G7 are just their stooges.

Here are the key topics listed in the official press release:

Artificial Intelligence * Cybersecurity * Chemical Weapons Threats * Current Economic Issues * European Strategy * Globalisation * Greece * Iran * Middle East * NATO * Russia *  Terrorism * United Kingdom * USA

All Bilderberg meetings are worried about one thing, however: The sinister future for their steam rollers, their giant corporations, to flatten our societies so they fit into the Agenda 21 straitjacket. The more successful and effective they are with their artificial intelligence and robots, the more their customer basis shrinks due to unemployment.

bilderbergThe Bilderberg Club was founded in 1954 at Hotel Bilderberg, the Netherlands,  by Josef Retinger, the Rothschild/Rockefeller agent, 33 degree Mason and Jesuit priest behind the Unification of Europe

So what can the rich Bilderbergers do?
Jon Rappoport Activist Post 11 June 2015:  There is one extremely radical solution.
You could call it depopulation-repopulation. Via some vast plan, the numbers of people on Earth would be enormously reduced—and then over, say, the next hundred years or so, those numbers would be built up again with humans who, in some Brave New World fashion, are conditioned/programmed to be avid workers and consumers, who would be paid far more than a subsistence wage. These living androids/robots would satisfy the hunger of mega-corporations to produce and produce and sell and sell…

round-tableEvery present Globalist agenda-item does two things: a) it aims at tighter control of populations, and b) it enforces and progressively lowers a ceiling on mega-corporations. It reveals a future in which the number of those corporations will be drastically reduced. And that’s the Bilderbergers´ problem: The rich, up the road, will get poorer, too. They’ll sink in the Globalist swamp.

As Globalist policies allow corporations to shut down domestic factories in industrialized countries and open up those same factories in places where slave wages are the order of the day; as tariffs on imported goods are canceled, killing off businesses that try to compete with mega-corporations; as leading economies decline… The consumer base for these mega-corporations shrinks.

To put it simply, the corporations sell products. They need buyers. All over the world.

The top manufacturing corporations are running their assembly lines at about half-capacity. They could produce much, much more of what they sell.

But only a tenth of the world population has the means to buy these products.

rothschildismThere are partial fixes for the problem: profit-making wars; sales of corporate products to governments; governments basically paying citizens so they can buy certain products. But, in the long run, that solution doesn’t cut it. The mega-corporations are still lacking consumers. You can create only so many artificial buyers. Beyond that, the market system irretrievably heads downward.

Globalism, is diminishing the number of people who can consume what the corporations make. The snake has been eating its tail for some time now. World Bank and IMF fixes aren’t going to make this problem go away. Neither is some drastic depopulation program. That would be heading in the wrong direction. Fewer consumers.

What about a radical re-set involving a new global currency? Suppose, for example, every inhabitant of the planet were outfitted with a free credit card carrying substantial buying power? Theoretically, that might work, if you discount what people who actually earn a living are going to do when they see billions of their fellow humans who don’t work outfitted with comparable consuming power.

rothschild-rockefellerThe top of the Bilderbergers: David Rockefeller and Lord Jacob Rothschild

Creating money out of nothing to make six or seven billion brand new consumers  would lead to pollution and destruction of the environment on a scale that makes current levels look like a few leaking picnic baskets on a Sunday park outing.

There is another factor to consider: technological innovation. For mega-corporations, that means robots/machines replacing humans as employees. More unemployment. More robots in the workplace. Bigger assembly lines. Higher production.

It turns out that the Globalist agenda has an expiration date. Beyond it, the system comes apart at the seams.

Yes, globalism has an expiration date. The Bilderberg elite know.
However, the globalists have yet another trump card in their sleeves: Communist redistribution of wealth. Thereby, they hope to create more customers worldwide. For their plan is world Communism, Agenda 21.  This is clearly seen in their mendacious “climate change” policy with 100 bn dollars a year as “climate mitigation” to their dictator friends in Africa – and to their own safe haven banks. Furthermore, we lovingly finance the Euromediterranean EU partners,  and there is the standing invitation to the world population to come to Europe as migrants. And of course, direct UN taxation of us and here.

The Bilderbergers do not care about its corporations in the long run. They just care about power. And they seem to have a plan for what is to come next.
maintain_humanity-georgia-guidestonesTheir motto is Order out of chaos. But first they have to start the chaos. Look at all their wars in Europe, Asia, Africa. And they do want population reduction – Georgia Guidestones (right) . Their corporations are just their tools to secure their power over us, to permanently brainwash us in an ecstasy of consumption – so that we cannot see them fulfilling the biblical end time plan (Hesekiel 38-39, Jeremia 25, 50, 51, Joel, Habakuk, Isaiah 13, Luke 21, Matt. 24)  by means of their helpers, the Chabad Lubavitch and the Pentacostals, as well as their Masonic stooges, Obama and Putin.
The Bilderbergers are deeply Shabbataean-Frankist-Luciferian religious.

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3 Responses to The Nightmare of the Globalist Bilderbergers: Their Looting Creates Poverty and Fewer Customers to Loot

  1. R Davis says:

    It occured to me that I should tell you something about us…Australia
    I live in the state of Victoria – my federal member of parliament is the Honorable Kelvin Thomson whos office is only a mile away from my home & across the road from the shopping center I frequent & he hears from me regularily.
    November 29 2014 the Labor party won the state election, Daniel Andrews is now the premier of Victoria.
    They ran on the promise that they would stop the East West Link form going ahead = they had a mandate to stop the projest.
    After the election:
    Daniel Andrews said to radio presenter Neil Mitchell, that the contracts for the East-West Link were not worth the paper they were written on.
    And he was correct.
    Then there was the concern that Andrews could not stop the projest after all.
    Then there was the conclusion that they could.
    BUT –
    Then there was a A$1.1 billion compensation clause.
    At every stage of the articles appearing in the news I wrote.
    *there is no need for the Labor party to pay any compo as the contracts are illegal.
    Why ?
    The contract to build is with the Liberal, Napthine Government – if the Napthine gov re-negs on the contract they are liable to pay out the compensation.
    But they all knew that the Labor party were running on the promise to stop the project –
    And that if they won – all bets were off & there was no liability to pay compo.
    Daniel Andrews has decided that he will – after all pay compensation to the tune of $339 million.
    If the road builder company touch the money they are in receipt of an illegal payment = fraud.
    Andrews & his advisors are liable
    Napthine & his advisors are liable
    The Road Builders involved are liable & especially if the take the money.
    You see sometime in the future there could be an inquiry & they could all be haulled up before the court & even a Royal Commission.
    But that is not all, for some reason Daniel Andrews is throwing millions of dollars in all directions – except where they are needed – there they are crying poor.
    TRANSURBAN IS DESTITUTE – they must be to take such a risk over – what is to them petty cash money.
    Daniel Andrews may have slit his own political throat for good.
    And I am not the only resident of Victoria – so if I have written incessently to them so have thousands of others.
    Greed is a very strong sickness indeed that they would take such risks or is it total desperation.
    So you see globally we are all in the same leaky boat.

  2. R Davis says:

    Artificial Intelligence:
    I love robotics.
    I love how clever we are to have created them.
    Have you see some of the robots that Japan has produced ?
    They are brilliant.
    Did you know that there are people alive & well & functioning as normal humans do & some are even super intelligent, on this planet
    The people I am talking about, are people who have little or no brain matter /cerebral cortex.
    How is life possible, let alone consciousness & then intelligent consciousness possible with minimal brain matter let alone without a brain at all ?
    This tells me that we do not understand consciousness at all.
    So, the hotshot highrollers that you speak of could actually build a container vessel to house consciousness, but how would they entice the actual consciousness in ?
    How would they then CONTROL IT … because control is what it is all about here. They would not build something so indestructable if it had a mind of it’s own & especially that it under stood right from wrong.
    Computer technology, you think they could produce computer software that would be equal to real intelligence & yet be programed so as to obey THEM ?
    Like the computer in the movie 2001: A Space Odyessy. it’s intellectual capacity would overide the constraints allowing it to become a free thinker.
    This would defeat their purpose.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    When you look at what consciousness & then intelligence is you know it is impossible.
    I found this video very interesting, but there is lots of material up there.
    Does Consciousness need a Brain ? – Evidence of Reincarnation Dr. Bruce Greyson

  3. R Davis says:

    Just imagine that they have built a squad of robots with controlled intellectual capacity.
    To police the streets at night.
    * Mother has just put her little children to be & they are sleeping, when she hears Tin Man ratteling & squeeking down her street, she reaches for her hand held remote control, shoves her hand out the window & pushes the button.
    * Tin Man is making his way down the street, he does not have eyes in the back of his head – alas. The local teen streeet gang who have been following Tin Man extraordinar split up into 2 groups & are poised, one group serves as a distraction while the other pull out his battery pack.
    Before you know it, Tin Man is on his way to the black market & the teen gang members are cashed up.

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