Purpose of Charlie Hebdo False Flag: France Becoming Orwellian Police State – Example for EU

One has long wondered what the long term purpose of the Charlie Hebdo false flag operation  and here in Paris on 7 Jan. 2015 would be. Here is the answer: As always after such false flags, much more domestic police state follows – so far in France, but probably then in all of the EU. Netanyahu    had the immediate benefit of winning the Israeli election.

paris-demonstratersThe Guardian 5 May 2015:  Intelligence services will have the right to place cameras and recording devices in private homes and install so-called keylogger devices that record every key stroke on a targeted computer in real time.
One of the most contentious elements of the bill is that it allows intelligence services to vacuum up metadata, which would then be subject to analysis for potentially suspicious behaviour.
nother controversial element is the so-called “black boxes” – or complex algorithms – that internet providers will be forced to install to flag up a succession of suspect behavioural patterns online, such as keywords used, sites visited and contacts made

Bloomberg 5 May 2015:  A proposed French law beefing up the government’s spying powers following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris sailed through the lower house of parliament.Another argument raised by PM Valls is that France needs wider surveillance of suspects because between 5,000 and 6,000 Europeans have traveled to Syria to join radical Islamic groups and may well come back to France, as is their right, most without even a passport.

The National Assembly said 438 lawmakers voted in favor, 86 against, and 42 abstained. The bill now goes to the Senate which can suggest amendments but not overturn the assembly’s vote.
The wide margin of victory came even as mounting opposition to the bill united business leaders, the Communist Party, Internet activists and lawyers. Prime Minister Manuel Valls accused opponents of being naive about the threats facing France.

Tgrand-frerehe proposed law sets rules on how investigators can tap phone lines, locate people through mobile phones, intercept e-mails, take secret photographs and enter homes to place microphones without preliminary approval of a judge.

“Serious flaws include expansive powers for the prime minister to authorize surveillance for purposes far beyond those recognized in international human rights law; lack of meaningful judicial oversight; requirements for private service providers to monitor and analyze user data and report suspicious patterns; prolonged retention periods for some captured data; and little public transparency,” Human Rights Watch said in a April 6 statement.

Laurence Parisot, the former head of France’s business lobby Medef, fcalls the bill a “freedom killer” and Pierre-Olivier Sur, the President of the Paris Bar, says that it “seriously threatens public liberties.”

George Orwell was either a great prophet or this Communist knew about the plans of the NWO.

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